About Anthony

Anthony is a 21-year-old going through life as best he can, currently working a typical ‘9 to 5’ job he has always had a passion for writing. In between work, an idea will pop into his head and he would start to build on the idea until he is happy with it. For awhile there was a situation where these ideas became just notes that didn’t get looked at again. This has changed now Anthony is working slowly on his debut novel while also providing short stories to this blog to build a following. In between all this Anthony also finds time to continue his other hobbies and passions such as Gaming and photography and a slightly unhealthy addiction to D&D. Which I’m sure you will hear about in due time. If you continue throughout the page you will come across my first post entitled “The Many Branches” where Anthony discusses what genres of novels he will produce as well as updates on his debut novel which is yet to be untitled.

Enjoy your stay and follow along via WordPress & Twitter for more information.