Alchemical Disaster

Hey, everybody, this weekend will not feature chapter 1 of Dungeoneers Alchemist which has been pushed back a week to iron out a few details.
Though I have other news, today I gained much-needed inspiration for the crafting of my “romance novel” I say that because that’s only part of it. I have begun crafting my small town, characters and their quirks and own little arcs.

The book will be a real tear jerker because It isn’t going to be all sunshine and some of the themes are going to force me to go into territory I myself don’t want to go back into but to craft the story I want to make which gets you to feel for these characters it’s needed.

I’d like you guys to know that my goal for this will not be my Debut novel it won’t be long I know that for a fact due to me containing the book in a time period of over a month and having the story be fast paced and only cover the important details.

Afterward, I will begin the refining process of the writing and story, before getting my cover done and then publishing it on both Kindle and Paperback for those who probably like me love a physical copy.

I love this idea it’s something I hope people will like, and people like the final product, I’m also toying around with the idea of a small trailer for it as well. More so because writers have a clear representation of the scene and doing so shows you the reader what I pictured in my head for certain parts.

I hope you look forward to it, I’ll post the first chapter for free in a raw format where I will collect feedback at a later date.

P.S. FFXIV is such a fun MMO to play if you’re interested just saying


Searching The Stars & Dungeons

Greetings Travellers!
That wasn’t horrendous for an opening as I think right? It’s the first update of many and this is both a general and novel update rolled into one, oh my! Let’s start with the novel one, shall we? My brain functions in a way where I get ideas for many genres and then it goes, no I don’t want to do that. It’s fairly annoying, but I’ve mashed both Sci-fi and Fantasy together and I’m working on the story and universe which is a tremendous task since it’s a space epic so I have limits in place. For example detailing the planets would take forever where only focusing on basic details for planets that may never be visited it gives a sense of a larger universe and spending my time on the planets that are going to be visited. Fantasy is in this as well so, magic is a huge part of this story as well armor and weapons use a mix of magical and engineering properties which make sense to the world. I also want to share that the main character is female. No more details about her as a character as I’m still working on it.

General Update time!!!
Sorry little excited about this, not that I’m not excited for my novel but that’s a long project. I will be doing a bi-weekly short story series which will read like a telltale game or an episode in a tv series, but with a cliffhanger at the end of each story and it’s all continuity, so no deviations. This weekend probably Sunday you will be introduced to book 1/story 1 or for me, Chapter 1 of a series involving an Alchemist and his teacher uncovering a mystery which will require them to use everything at their disposal. Again no more details as it will be explained in the post via the story and sprinkled around in between chapters. I also have a connected story series I would like to do, whether that is actually writing it as a novel or short stories with a conclusive final chapter like with my other short story series. I’d be interested to know your thoughts, as the story will go from person to person each time and take place at the same time, or do I do it as a one-off novel? So many choices! Please share your thoughts with me either through comments or through email.

I’d like to leave you with a final message, I will be more active on twitter or at least try to where I will detail new updates that don’t warrant a huge update post, as well as gaming antics and a possible trailer for my connected stories series as a promotion as I find the story moving. Hmmm endless ramblings and brain flow is suddenly coming upon me, I shall leave you to go about your business I hope you guys enjoyed the read.

P.S. I suck at Elite Dangerous on PS4

The Many Branches

Hello and welcome to my blog/website, on this platform I hope to interact with fans new and old along with sharing my journey of becoming a published author. There are multiple categories as you can see from the links above, each taking you to the respective sections. Short stories will take you to, Short Stories… I know shock horror and very obvious. Updates will be regarding me debut novel and subsequent novels of the same series or new series. Any other posts will be in general posts section which is where this initial post will be.

Now you may be asking “why The Many Branches title” well that’s because I myself am a heavy lover of anything Sci-fi and Fantasy which is two parts of the “branch” which is what I’m calling my genres, another genre I will be creating stories for are Romance, Horror and possibly others, I’m attempting to be an allrounder when it comes to writing.

Now obviously I need to keep a schedule which I’m hoping I will, I’ll update everyone with that later when I get around to doing so, but leaving you with this post feels wrong since this site was created very late at around 12:00 in the moring UK time. I will be posting my first short story tomorrow and will be posting a new one every other week just so you guys have two weeks to analyze and hopefully provide feedback.

Sprinkled throughout the week I will keep you updated with various things relating to my short stories and novel such as the setting or theme. Along with this, I will also update you on various activities I do throughout the week including anything related to a certain tabletop rpg.


*Update* I have removed a statement here regarding a short story that I was going to post on the site but due to the story requiring more time it is being postponed until finished, I shall though to make up for it write a short piece for next week which will follow the adventures of a young alchemist.

I hope you look forward to it!